The Taurean Trudge

Posted on 09/11/2019

I am a Taurus. That implies a rooted individual who likes the earth. True of me: I have spent a large chunk of my life digging gardens and building stuff.

But until my daughter Rosie mentioned it, I had not realised about the Trudge. Rosie said she had a friend who’s also Taurean and who walks exactly as I do, in a Trudge.

A trudge is not a romantic stylish walk: its  utilitarian walk but one which can be maintained for hours. Thats characteristic. I can trudge for quite a bit, in the same was as digging a lot.

The above pic dates from 2nd Nov 2019 and shows part of a 70 yard ditch that I dug for an electric cable. My nephew Math asked if hydraulic equipment was involved. Just a spade.

There are advantages to the unromantic Taurean Trudge!


To see an example of a Taurean Trudge please see my video ‘Outside of life’ on my YouTube channel (richardfordham). This contains quite a bit of trudging!

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