Posted on 23/11/2018

This is the name of my new song, due out on Spotify and all on 27th November.

The song is a rant against the loose use of language. Thus people say:

Awesome (its loathsome); no Worries (meaning nothing); Grab (a coffee, meaning take: anyone who grabs a plastic cup of coffee will get burnt hands.

The song is called HO! because one line of the lyric ended in Ho, and this appealed to my daughter Isadora who sings with me on the chorus. This led to my putting HO! at various points in the song, with added echo, so it sounds more impressive. It adds a good deal to the song.


The press release for the song contains the logo, as below, plus such stuff as my Instagram address (musicfordham: please see for updates on the progress of the song) and other bits and pieces such as my website (richardfordham.com) on which this blog is located.




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