34. Phil Harris: Some Little Bug

Posted on 23/02/2017

[audio mp3=""][/audio]     34. Phill Harris: Some little Bug Phil Harris is best known as Baloo in the original... read more >

33. Naming a song

Posted on 19/02/2017

33. Naming a song   I always find naming a thrill. Sometimes the lyrical idea is so obvious that you have little choice over the title. But in other, more interesting cases, it is a real... read more >

32. Gringo Paulista

Posted on 19/02/2017

    32. Gringo Paulista This refers to the splendid Suba (aka Mitar Subotic). He spent the first half of his short working life writing abstract music in the confined walls of... read more >

31. Where do song ideas come from?

Posted on 16/02/2017

  31. Where do song ideas come from? The mundane answer in many cases is: song ideas are commercial requirements. A lot of film music songs ('Three coins in a Fountain' for instance) were... read more >

30. Money

Posted on 14/02/2017

  30. Money 'Money's too tight to mention' was a good 1980's blast on the subject of poverty. Musicians tend to suffer from this more than most and so write songs about it. Some of them are... read more >

29. Genuflect genuflect

Posted on 12/02/2017

 29. Genuflect genuflect   This is the chorus of 'Vatican Rag' by Tom Lehrer. He is now coming up to 90 years old and in his youth wrote the witty songs for which he is mainly remembered.... read more >

28. Why is Gunter Green?

Posted on 09/02/2017

  28. Why is Gunter Green? Gunter Green is an idea I had. All I had was the phrase. I wrote it down and thought about it. After a bit I developed the thought that it was to be a colour... read more >

27. Bravery in singers

Posted on 08/02/2017

  27. Bravery in singers It is worth considering this topic: bravery. Most people would see successful singers as pretty lucky and not consider the extent to which some of them have to go... read more >