54. Irony in pop music

Posted on 06/06/2017

54. Irony in pop  music Irony adds amusement and interest, but is not characteristic of rock or pop music lyrics. The latter are based either on formulae, as where studios compete to produce a... read more >

52. Poni Hoax

Posted on 29/05/2017

52. Poni Hoax There is a parallel between this and the previous post. Soul Coughing and Poni Hoax both did one great (in my opinion) song. And otherwise its mostly rubbish. Soul Coughing came to a... read more >

51. Soul Coughing: non sequiturs

Posted on 22/05/2017

51. Soul Coughing: non-sequiturs This band produced some amazing songs.They are also champions of the non-sequitur: ideas that do not logically follow one another.  The band  did not last,... read more >

50. Heavy artillery

Posted on 15/05/2017

30 Heavy Artillery ThE phrase (Artillerie lourde in French) is the name of a song by Django Rheinhardt. He was the guitar genius from a gypsy background, who established the 'Hot Club of Paris'... read more >

49.Wistful voices

Posted on 08/05/2017

49. Wistful voices Female singers are the best for wistful voices. In historical terms women were often not 'treated right'. But maybe even in days of nearer equality it will still be so. Carly... read more >

48. Heavy music

Posted on 04/05/2017

48. Heavy music This post is devoted to heavy music without words, by two bands/artists: Amon Tobin and Quantic. They have different but overlapping characteristics. Tobin goes in for massive... read more >

47. Trains dont mean a thing

Posted on 29/04/2017

47. Trains dont mean a thing Useful things, trains. Normally so efficient. But in music the image can mean anything and quite frequently nothing. The train can be joyful (Chatanooga Choo Cho) or sad... read more >

46. Serge’s Reggae

Posted on 19/04/2017

46. Serge's Reggae. Serge Gainsbourg was a french-jewish songwriter and singer. His original surname was Ginsburg, and his family was persecuted by the nazis in the Second World War. His chosen... read more >