62. The man with the Twang

Posted on 05/08/2017

62. The man with the Twang I met Duane Eddy in 1972. He was then past his stardom and was working as an A+R man for a record company in Hollywood. I was doing the rounds of the record companies ('Mr... read more >

61. Rebel with a cause: Fela Kuti

Posted on 30/07/2017

61. Rebel with a cause: Fela Kuti Fela Kuti is a remarkable icon of African music. His parents were respectable upper middle class Nigerians, but his mother was an activist involved in anti-colonial... read more >

60. Its wonderful: chips, chips

Posted on 23/07/2017

60. Its wonderful: chips, chips Not many singers would think of a lyric such as this. Indeed only one has: the great Paulo Conte. Its partly that although he admires jazz and US big bands... read more >

59. London Grammar

Posted on 18/07/2017

59. London Grammar Its an impossible name: there is no such place. The band said it was because London is a world city and they had come down from Nottingham, which isnt. But they did not... read more >

58. Boy Scout Samba

Posted on 10/07/2017

58. Boy Scout Samba Baden Powell de Aquino, known as Baden Powell was a brilliant Brazilian jazz guitarist. The oddity of his name is due to the fact that his father was a keen supporter of the Boy... read more >

57. Dance band daze

Posted on 02/07/2017

57. Dance band daze The dance band only really flourished from about 1925 to 1955, when it was killed off by rock and roll and the growth of TV. Thats in the US: about 30 years. In Britain it did... read more >

56. Sad songs and Waltzes and a Pin

Posted on 25/06/2017

56 Sad songs and Walzes and a Pin Its a wonderful title for a song: about one that cannot be successful yet is. The lyric is about a failed love, where the failed lover cannot express his fury at... read more >

55. Funny Food

Posted on 16/06/2017

55. Funny Food A name like Fats Waller would not be accepted these days. Too discriminatory: he would have been known as Thomas. But in the 1930's it was accepted and even embraced by Fats himself.... read more >