Antiques Album Liner Notes

Posted on 09/09/2019

This provides short notes on the various songs on the 'Antiques' album of my historic songs, due out on 21 Sept 2019.   Track 1: Holmes Rocks.  Early 1980's.   This is a spoof on... read more >


Posted on 23/11/2018

This is the name of my new song, due out on Spotify and all on 27th November. The song is a rant against the loose use of language. Thus people say: Awesome (its loathsome); no Worries (meaning... read more >

79. Queen of vibrato

Posted on 11/04/2018

Queen of vibrato Rokia Traore is a Malian noblewoman. She was brought up as the daughter of a diplomat and travelled widelyin Europe and the Middle East. She went through school and university... read more >

78: Aretha Franklin

Posted on 10/01/2018

The first track I recall of hers is 'Think'. I played it hundreds of times on my disco 'The Moving Company' in 1968-9. It always brought the crowd alive. Amazingly... read more >

77. West Country Trip Hop

Posted on 29/12/2017

This is an introduction to trip-hop music and Bristol (its source). The guide is Indian which give it more colour and depth than a BBC announcer would be able to provide. More enthusiasm... read more >

76. Not a Blockhead

Posted on 27/11/2017

Ian Dury and the Blockheads were popular in the 1980's. One or two of his songs have endured: mainly his 'Reasons to be Cheerful' as its such a good idea for cheering up when things are going against... read more >

75. Freaky Bertrand

Posted on 20/11/2017

Bertrand Belin is a remarkable person. Also produces good songs if you dont mind them a bit intellectual. He is not the chap for a singalong chorus so much as the meditative lament. But his voice has... read more >

74. Major and Slam

Posted on 09/11/2017

74. Major and Slam Two string bass players of the same era: 1930's to 1960's developer an unusual but similar approach. They both played conventional string bass most of the time, but also did bowed... read more >