Album Love Is’nt-Love is

Posted on 08/02/2020

This is a short review of the tracks on the album. They cover a range of dates of recording and styles


  1. Love is’nt – love is.  The track was recorded in 2016 and I forgot about it for some reason. I rediscovered it recently and thought it quite  good. Isadora’s singing is wonderful as usual
  2. Eldorado Monbeams. This dates from the early 1980’s and I was later on not that keen about it, hence it was not on the Antiques album. But it does have its moments!
  3. Grexit will fix it.This dates from a bit earlier, when Greece declared its independence from the racketeering EU and said it would leave the euro etc (2012?). The song is written in the context of the rumblings that have recently led to our own Brexit, but the poor Greeks were crushed by the EU. They did not have enough leverage. But the song is spot on in terms of what should have happened: ‘Greece can go back to mild corruption’ etc. I hope they one day will break free.
  4. Bearded Monday. This is one of my earliest songs (?1973) and was always my brother Nicky’s favourite. I think that this recording dates from the early 80’s.
  5. Inconvenience foods. The tune was written by Felix Rigg, with words by me. Around 2014 I think. Quite a neat idea.
  6. Indi Gent. A play on words: the word ‘indigent’ refers to being broke, as does the image of the Gent in question. Around 2014. A parody on my own situation.
  7. Eebagoogle. Dates from about 2016 when I did several songs playing on big names like Google.
  8. Sobathon. A fantasy about a girl who cries to the point where communication becomes difficult: around 2016
  9. Damn Doodle Damn. A lighthearted song, sung by Felix Rigg, who also wrote the tune. He is proud of not being able to sing, so this goes to show that he is not entirely right. About 2014.
  10. Old Halloian. A parody on a public school cad. About the same date as the previous song.
  11. Richard III. This date from (?2017) or whenever the king’s skeleton was found under a car park in Leicester. I always thought he was much maligned. He was a medieval king, so of course bumping off any likely successors or rivals was normal. But he did some good things in his short reign.
  12. Sawdust and Glue. Around 2013. Tune by Felix Rigg. Its a lament on the topic of MDF.
  13. Catwalk like Beckham. Not a very interesting lyric but the video (on my YouTube channel) is quite good. ?2017.
  14. Ring the Bell. In praise of the Bar Italia in Soho, to which I have been going for 40 years or more. Around 2015 I think. The Barrista (the long serving and splendid Luca) rings the bell above the bar if he likes something.

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