77. West Country Trip Hop

Posted on 29/12/2017

This is an introduction to trip-hop music and Bristol (its source). The guide is Indian which give it more colour and depth than a BBC announcer would be able to provide. More enthusiasm too!


For some reason the West Country in England came alive in the 198’s. Polly Jean Harvey is quite electrifying as the following two videos show (she comes from Bridport in Dorset).  She began in the late 1980’s and is still going strong. She says she would like a family but looks so sexy onstage that its hard to imagine when she would find the time to be a family woman!



the same comments apply to her performance here.



Tricky (from very urban Bristol) with his one time partner Marina Topley Bird perform charmingly in the Trip Hop genre. His face shows the effects of may a spliff. He is viertually the same age as PJ Harvey but his countenance bears the marks of drug taking on a more serious scale.



Portishead are of a similar age to the previous two stars and are mainly Beth Gibbons, Geoff Barrow and Adrian Tultey. Portishead is a small port just down from Bristol. Beth, the singer is more tremulous than either Martina Topley-Bird or PJ Jarvey, but equally compelling in here different way.




This is Portishead’s greatest hit, so far as I know. Its a lovely song. A haunting tune and lyric.



its hard to explain why trip hop emerged in Bristol, but its as good a place as any for such music to appear. Long may Bristol emerge in such ways!


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