70. Tim Maia

Posted on 01/10/2017

70. Tim Maia

Maia was an unusual person. He was the second last of 19 children of paerents who cannot have been very well off. But he was musical from an early age. He managed to go to the USA for three years until deported back to Brazil for marijuana offences.

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He developed a style of soul singing in the midst of bossa nova and all the other Brazilian musical styles. The technical description is ‘a syntheise of emerican soul and Brasilian music with element so samba and baiaio’. I cant do the swung dash over the last a. But it conveys a synthesis. It won him a big black audience in Brazil. He was indeed a Brazilian Barry White, in terms of both his emotional appeal and his shape!

He became addicted to a cult called Rational Culture which had the advantage of getting him off drugs and alcohol for a bit. He produced some good music during this period. As a result of living in the USA he wrote in english of a sort as well as Portuguese Brazilian. This song features his English:

This shows him as a younger but still pretty stout artist, playing the drums with considereble panache:

Probably in his 30’s but already in the extra large category. Driving his band forward.


This shows Maia under the power of his triathlon: whisky, coke and marihuana.

Its rather astonishing to see this enormous man with all these fans, including beautiful women, singing along with him. He certainly had a magic to him.

The following was done during his membership of the ‘Rational Culture’ clique, which had the virtue of getting him off drugs and booze for a bit. He sounds good singing ‘We’re going to rule the world’ quite a lot of times. He does a bit of preaching too.

However he gave up the cult and went back to his drugs and drink.

This shows him back in enormous form, but extremely lively as he directs his fans in the singing:

The videos of him in his last years, his later 50’s, are pretty dreadful, but he retained his pulling pwoer and the audiences clearly loved him.

This is from an earlier phase. Its the song by him that I most like:


Tim was a force of nature, enhanced by a lot of artificial substances, but clearly a vivacious and entertainjing character. He certainly lived life in the fast lane, but left quite a track in doing so!


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