67. Fun lovin Criminals

Posted on 11/09/2017

I had planned to write about Steely Dan, in view of Walter Becker’s death. I then discovered that I could not stand Steely Dan. I once had a friend who was mad about them, back in the 80’s.  listened to quite a bit, as he made Austrian coffee. I admired the technical side but not the music. I realise why no record companies would touch their songs at first. They do not captivate. The most interesting thing I read about Becker was that when he was recovering from drug addiction he set up an avocado ranch, because ‘avocados require minimal herding‘.

Steely Dan wrote a song about ‘up on the hill’ which reminded me of the Fun Lovin Criminals. They are a band I am very fond of, so this post is now about them.  I did not listen much to the Steely Dan Hill song and so I dont know if its the same: it sounded dreary. But I like the feel of this one.

The following is a brilliant song about a band stuck in a hotel, only slightly spoilt by dear Jools Holland in the foreground. Its a very evocative song and has good shots of the lead singer Huey Morgan.

One of their less likely hits was in praise of Barry White, the extremely rotund torch singer of a few years ago who could ‘get you back with your ex-wife’: quite a remarkable feat!

‘Big night,out’ the song below, has a remarkable video. Although overtly about supermodels it is more about sitting round the family dinner table swearing. Luckily the swearing is generally bleeped out .

Couldnt get it right’ is somebody else’s song (Climax Blues Band), but they make it sound good

Although I think their early publicity made a feature of the ‘Criminal’ part of their name there is not much evidence of a big criminal history. Huey’s lyrics do contain a good deal of tough sounding words but then so do Raymond Chandler’s (whose fictional detective was the great Phillip Marlowe). Bogart just read out his words in those wonderful black and white movies (High Window, Little Sister), they were so good.

Huey Morgan is a devout New Yorker and so presumably tough talk is normal for them. But they just look like musicians to me. But its a very good name to have. Long may they flourish with it!


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