3. Anonymous titles

Posted on 18/01/2017

What is the most anonymous song title you can think of? I can do blah-blah-blah; chk chk chk, tut tut and some others of that ilk. Blah etc is quite an amusing reggae song. Its all about the hero who gives his girlfriend this blah-blah-blah (always anonymous) thing. He then gives it to his father, brother and various other relations without ever giving away what it is.

One of various tsk-tsk songs is by Nick Wales and Bree van Reyk and is a soundscape of Tsk like disco noises. And a brilliant video:

If its a question of ‘anoymous sounding noise’ rather than anonymous sounding titles, I would suggest any number of excercise videos. they have a dance beat but that’s abouit it. One of the more avoidable sound pollutants.

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