2. Lyrics with few words

Posted on 18/01/2017

One of the hard things about song lyrics is when the music is instrumental and so the title has to take all the strain as far as the meaning is concerned. Hence the excellence of ‘will soon be a woman‘ in my initial post.

I am a fan of Amon Tobin, who does instrumental songs. But his titles are good. ‘Chocolate Lovely’ has the noise of melted chocolate in it. But my favourite title of his is ‘at the end of the day’ which has a lovely ‘ending’ sort of riff.

Moving into songs which have some audible lyrics; I think ‘Mountain jumper’ by Dunkelbunt is excellent. It has a jaunty groove. It starts with some semi audible shouts but then a voice of command says ‘All right: be back in 3 days’ and that’s it. No more words.  You are set off on an imaginary mountain walk, seeing Himalayas in your mind!

A really good lyrical idea in the minimum of words.

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