28. Why is Gunter Green?

Posted on 09/02/2017


28. Why is Gunter Green?

Gunter Green is an idea I had. All I had was the phrase. I wrote it down and thought about it. After a bit I developed the thought that it was to be a colour invented by an artist. The lyric arrived over the next week or so. The plot is about the transformative effect of this new colour on the girl who sings the lyric.

IMG_3800 The plan for the video was a bit diffrent to the plot of the song. It is focussed on the mixing of paints to produce the green in question. It is not entirely straightforward to produce a new shade of green, and indeed Gunter Green as shown in the video is a bit similar to some other shades of green.JMajorelle1.4

Once I had the idea of a song built around a colour, I thought of Majorelle Blue. This was developed and named in the 1920’s  at an exotic garden in Marrakesh owned by a French landscape artist. The estate was bought in the 1950’s by Yves St Lauernt. In turn he left it to the city, so its now a museum. The blue is used in the gardens with a lemon yellow (on various pots) producing a drmatic impression.

Majorelle Blue is also known as Klein Blue. There is also a connection with music in this case, as there is a band called Klein Blue. Production of the olour is a bit of a mystery. There is only one firm, and its in Paris, that produces the genuine colour. I have never managed to find the place when in Paris. But it can be approximated with ordinary paint shop paints.

Unfortunately I dont think Gunter Green will achieve quite the fame of Majorelle/Klein Blue. Among other things it doesnt have Yves St Laurent to publicised it. However it has the chic aspect that you cannot buy it in the shops!

The video for this song shows the mixing of the colour as the video proceeds. Alongside this the artist paints the girl in Gunter Green.

The painting came as a  revelation to her:

‘But now I’ve seen the brilliant sight

the light between the day and night

A midsummer night’s day dream

In the shades of Gunter Green’

And the chorus reflects the revelatory tone:

‘I’m waving a wand

at the future beyond

all will soon be clearly seen

in the light of Gunter Green

Gunter Green, Gunter Green’

Its just a song. But the reference to the ‘future beyond’ and the mirror later on are influenced by the substantial belief in quantum physics that the future does indeed influence the present. As some have, rather sardonically commented, there is not much evidence for this.

Raw material on the future is hard to come by. But space offers a route to a solution with billions of light years of history laid out in the constellations all around us in the night sky. This leads into the topic of black holes and many other notions that are strange to most people. But they do imply interactivey between different time periods. However I shall stick to the quiet life of mixing Gunter Green.



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