22. Go back to Hell

Posted on 30/01/2017

Unlike the previous 21 posts, this one concerns a song of mine. Its front cover and video are attached here. The song was not inspired by anything coherent, just a random idea. But once I had the idea it was necessary to make (some sort of) sense of it. What I chose to do was assume that Satan had made a mess of his heating.

just as many industrial concerns have done over the past half Century, Satan has not modernised his heating apparatus which is still the old fashioned furnaces. These are what are depicted in typical pictures of Hell. But the cost of keeping them going has proved to be beyond Satan’s budget and so he is unable to pay his energy bills.

The consequence of Hell losing its heat is that the frying souls within are starting to escape from Hell. I visualised these as a series of real (ex live) villains and fictional film ones. Hence the song refers to Caligula, Stalin and Hitler and also to Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, and Wicked Witch of the West. In the video this collection is shown being chased back to Hell again.

The suggestion of a happy ending arrives later in the song, when Satan is shown reading ‘refinancing’ documents, which would enable his furnaces to burn again, and looking quite jolly. The impression is thus given that Hell will re-heat and that the evil souls will have to go back and resume being fried. This idea is conjured up by the lyric and in the video by the sigt of pictures of the above villains being burnt!go back to hell (1)


The video was shot in a splendid house called Rotherfield Park in Hampshire. Apart from its grand scale and staircase, which Satan can be seen warily walking down, it features a number of lion’s skins with full masks. Paul the director of the shoot took full advantage of these savage faces in the video, timing them to fit the screams and roars of Hell.

Some of the key ideas in the song are suggested by the following lyrics:

‘his sizzle is turning to drizzle’ [with visual example of drizzle on the house!]

‘they say the devil has all the best tunes/but he wont be publishing any time soon/

the bailiffs have taken his printing presses away’

Plus a contemporary reference to Hitler et al as ‘the deplorables’.


And as a relief from undue amounts of hell, here is a Media Nun.

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